Why Attendance Matters

We’re getting ready to launch our latest project, Attendance Matters.

The Open Data Project for Schools has been working with schools around the country over the past 18 months to develop ways of using the attendance data they already record for more than just accountability.

Research shows that pupils who attend school regularly are likely to leave school with more qualifications and increased access to employment opportunities than children with persistent absence – we want to make sure no child gets left behind.

Effective attendance management will be more important than ever in the coming months and we’ll have fast, simple ways to access live information, broken down by demographics including form, year group and even pupil premium.

We’ve used AI and Machine Learning to analyse millions of attendance data points from our pilot schools during the 2018/19 and 2019/20 school years and identified a range of trends including low attendance on Christmas Jumper Day. Schools have been able to improve their pupil premium attendance by creating bespoke dashboards for their data, and attendance officers have been able to spend more time on intervention and less time creating reports and managing paperwork.

We are excited to take the project to a wider audience and hope schools will join us. Covid-19 continues to create new challenges for schools and the Autumn 2020 term will demand very close attention to who is in school and when. Our Attendance project can help manage this and more.

Register your interest now and we’ll be in touch with news ahead of our launch.