What SixIntoSeven means to us – Red Kite Learning Trust

Amanda Thornton Jones is the primary director of education for Red Kite Learning Trust. As part of the group of SixIntoSeven pilot schools and a key part of the team that brought together the professional judgement criteria, the Red Kite Learning Trust have supported the project from the start. We talked to Amanda about what SixIntoSeven means for her schools and why it’s been a valuable experience.

“SixIntoSeven is a project that all primary and secondary schools within the Trust are involved in. It’s been valuable in enabling a conversation around transition; an opportunity for our Year 6 and Year 7 colleagues to discuss not just pupils transferring into secondary this year – its opened up wider conversations around the value of transition and what that should look like for our pupils.

“The process is not onerous; for a teacher it probably takes for a class of say 30 children about 20 minutes and it provides schools with an opportunity accurately support the children in their journey into secondary. It means that children will be provided for accurately in their learning. Without that information the children might not get off to the best start this year.

“This project is not simply transferring data. The information involved is “professional judgements”. These are judgements from Year 6 teachers based on their knowledge and experience of working with those children day in, day out.

“These professional judgements capture key learning for the pupils in terms of the maths English, speaking and listening, writing and reading, and it’s key information that you are able to pass to colleagues in Year 7. It means that children of high ability can be highlighted and there’s an alert to flag any issues too.

“Given that this year we really do want our children to get off to the best start at secondary, sharing information in this way means that they don’t need baseline assessment at the beginning of term. If they have not experienced the transition that they would normally have at this point in the year, children can instead be supported very quickly when they start and we can focus on supporting the social and emotional aspects of just settling in.

“This is enabling children to continue their journey from primary into secondary in a positive way, it’s much more than just data transfer.

“For us, the project will grow from strength to strength in terms of what it’s enabling our primaries and secondaries schools to do around transition and the areas we can work together on.

“If you’ve been invited then sign up, we really believe it will be worthwhile in terms of the future investment for your pupils.”

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