How SixIntoSeven works to support Year 6 transition – a quick guide for primaries and secondaries.

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One professional to another for the benefit of the child

Developed by ASCL and askEddi in 2020 to improve data quality and transfer between primary and secondary schools in the absence of SATs, SixIntoSeven facilitates a conversation about pupil progress and attainment.

SixIntoSeven returns in 2021 as a secure, cloud-based portal that allows secondaries to request progress information from primaries as pupils move from Year 6 into Year 7.

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The progress information requested is a set of 24 “Professional Judgements” in Speaking & Listening, Reading, Writing and Maths. These judgements are made by the primary teachers based on their knowledge and experience of the child throughout Year 6 and their time in primary school. This information creates a baseline that secondaries can use to plan form groups and identify any areas for intervention in advance for when pupils join them in September.

Working in this way takes into account primary progress as a whole rather than a marker on the day of an exam. This allows schools to assess each child on a level playing field and is especially important in 2021 when everyone will have had a different experience and access to learning.

Investing in a unified portal helps schools to take ownership of their transition process, and the structure of the professional judgements ensure that the information transmitted is used for the benefit of the child, not for accountability.

All schools sign data sharing and participation agreements to ensure GDPR and safeguarding compliance, and the personal information shared between school is limited to the UPN and the judgements themselves.

Our experience as a secondary school has been very positive and we found SixIntoSeven easy to use. Primary colleagues are securely sending information to secondary colleagues so that we, as secondary heads, have all the information that we need to meet the needs of our new Year 7 when they join us in September.

Neil Renton

Head Teacher, Harrogate Grammar School

How SixIntoSeven works:

1.Secondaries pay a one-off £495 (+vat) to use the portal when we launch on 22 March 2021 (no charge for primaries).

2. Secondary school leaders register and issue connection requests through the portal to feeder primaries.

3. Primaries receive connection requests and register. Part of the registration process is to accept participation agreements from secondary schools to share pupil UPN and the completed judgements.

4. Primaries upload a list of the names and UPN of Year 6 pupils on roll to populate their dashboard.

5. Year 6 teachers complete the Professional Judgement process (1-2 minutes per pupil) to decide if they are “secure” or “not secure” in 24 key competencies.

6. Option for primaries to add a “flag” for secondaries of any additional information to be discussed offline (e.g “excels in art”, “has problems at home”).

7. Year 6 teacher saves data for optional internal moderation by headteacher or colleague.

8. Secondaries upload a list of the names and UPN of expected Year 7 pupils to populate their dashboard. Secondaries can only receive pupil data for their expected cohort.

9. SixIntoSeven auto-populates dashboard for Secondaries as pupil judgements are published and matched.

10. Secondaries can download completed pupil judgements to help plan form groups, lessons and interventions.

We know that the disadvantage gap continues to widen and SixIntoSeven helps schools to give children the best possible opportunities given the circumstances. As much early information about a child’s learning as possible is key to the success of the child in the future.

Tiffnie Harris

Primary Specialist, ASCL

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