Supporting Primary to Secondary school transition

SixIntoSeven™ is the time-saving Year 6 into Year 7 transition data portal developed in partnership with school leaders, in response to Covid-19 school closures. Register your interest now to use this valuable tool when we launch next week.

Supporting Primary to Secondary school transition

SixIntoSeven™ is the time-saving Year 6 into Year 7 transition portal developed in partnership with school leaders in response to Covid-19 school closures. Register now to use this valuable tool when we launch in June.

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Secure data sharing between schools to support Year 6 to Year 7 transition

SixIntoSeven is an easy to use, secure web portal for primary and secondary schools to support the transition of pupils from Year 6 to Year 7.

Using a professional judgement dashboard, primary and secondary schools will share information on pupils, in lieu of SATs and assessments.

We know this is an important stage for pupils and exceptional circumstances in 2020 mean usual procedures don’t apply. SixIntoSeven is a fast, simple way to help schools, teachers and pupils in these challenging times.

Get ready for your new Year 7 pupils

We’ll be launching the project on 8th June 2020, giving you time to gather, input and use the data.

To use SixIntoSeven there is a small administration fee of £125 per secondary school (no charge for primary schools) which will be payable as part of the registration process on our portal. We are grateful to ASCL’s Educational Development Trust for funding the initial costs of building the portal. 

SixIntoSeven is a GDPR compliant rapid response project to support schools with primary into secondary school transition in a time of uncertainty with many unexpected challenges. The project is a collaboration between ASCL, School Leaders across the country and askEddi, through the forum of the Open Data Project for Schools.

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Primary and Secondary schools working together

Professional Judgements

Primary schools will securely upload professional judgements on all of their pupils in the core curriculum areas, which will then be collected by their secondary colleagues through a secure portal.  


GDPR Compliant

All participating schools sign a data sharing agreement and are only able to access pupil information for their own cohort. The project is fully GDPR compliant and all data will be deleted from the platform at the end of the process.

Rapid response

Developed in May 2020 to help schools manage upheaval and uncertainty during the Covid-19 crisis. This is a crucial time for Year 6 / Year 7 pupils and we want to ensure every child has the best opportunities.

Save Time

The platform is simple to use and will cut administration and paperwork for primary and secondary schools. Schools will only complete the process once regardless of how many secondary schools they are working with.

Shared Knowledge

Primary teachers can be confident that their knowledge and understanding of their pupils is effectively communicated to their destination secondary schools to ensure continuity of learning.

Personalised Learning

The progress of each Year 6 pupil is broken down on the web portal into a set of skills. Secondary teachers can plan and deliver personalised learning for new pupils based on secure information from the primary school.

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How SixIntoSeven works:

Developed by School Leaders

ASCL are unleashing the power that data has in helping us support children. Collaborating with primary schools on their Year 6 to Year 7 transition means that the data will be readily accessible so our teachers can focus on planning, teaching, and providing personalised support.

David Waugh
Head Teacher, Poynton High School
Vice President, ASCL

Schools will gain a huge amount from using the SixIntoSeven portal. The system does all of the heavy lifting by matching and organising the data, so schools will be able to focus on providing pupils with the best introduction to secondary school at the start of the new term.

Duncan Baldwin
Deputy Policy Director, ASCL & Co-Founder Open Data Project for Schools

The Open Data Project is about schools collaborating and learning from each other. It has been a privilege to work with school leaders across the UK to design and develop the SixIntoSeven solution. Together we can ensure that primary schools are confident that judgements made will have a positive impact on learning planned by pupils' new secondary schools.

Brendan Nel
Co-Founder of the Open Data Project for Schools and CEO askEddi

The Open Data Project for Schools is connecting schools across the UK to improve the way you manage and interpret data. Over the past year we have been working with school leaders to use data to spot behavioral patterns and trends which unlock opportunities to improve attainment and wellbeing.

The project places schools at the heart of performance management, giving you ownership of the data you collect and rebalancing accountability towards pupils currently on roll. This means that schools can learn from the data sooner and make a difference where it matters.

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