School Leaders and the Open Data Project

ASCL is making the collaborative Open Data Project available for all schools. Data from schools’ management systems will be used to support individual or groups of schools to learn from each other.

Using modern dashboards and analytical methods we will explore previously unknown links and patterns in schools’ data. Together, we are building a democratic self-improving data system which gives schools back control of their data and their potential.

Read more about the Open Data Project for Schools and join here:

The Open Data Project places schools firmly at the heart of performance management, giving them ownership and authority over the data they collect and rebalancing accountability towards those pupils currently on roll.

This means that schools can learn from the data straight away and have time to make a difference.

It’s a safe, non-commercial environment for the use of Big Data techniques such as artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning. Both are required for the next steps in understanding pupils’ learning.

Our ambition is to connect schools nationwide to facilitate communication and sharing, and ultimately improve the education sector as a whole.