Open Data Project for Schools annual membership

As a member of the Open Data Project for Schools you will gain new insights into the pupils in your school and help other school leaders do the same.

Working together we can make a difference for pupils everywhere.

Open Data Project for Schools Annual Membership

As a member of the Open Data Project for Schools you will gain new insights into the pupils in your school and help other school leaders do the same.

Working together we can make a difference for pupils everywhere.

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Membership Benefits

A collaboration between with the Association of School and College Leaders (ASCL) and askEddi, The Open Data Project is a secure platform for schools to share and compare the data they already collect for the benefit of pupils.

Open Data Project Members can use askEddi products alongside ASCL expertise to explore previously unknown links and patterns in their school data.

Data from school management systems is used in a secure, DPA/GDPR compliant way to improve outcomes for pupils.


SixIntoSeven is a time-saving Year 6 into Year 7 transition initiative developed in response to Covid-19 school closures and the removal of SATs. Join us to prepare for spring 2021 to ensure Year 6 pupils have the best possible start in Year 7. 

Attendance Matters

Attendance Matters is a straightforward, highly effective attendance analysis system that works with your existing MIS. Unify your school’s attendance data reporting and intervention processes to effectively support pupils. This is more crucial than ever in tracking Covid-19 absences and issues.


Research and Peer Support

The project has been steered by school leaders like you. In the coming 12 months we will work with members to help groups of schools identify common themes and pinch points, and tackle both local and national issues. 

Making every day matter so no child is left behind

Forward thinking school leaders can access insights and gain an understanding of school performance and pupil progress with more effective data tracking and managed intervention.

There are three core pillars that our project aims to address:

ATTENDANCE: If a child isn’t in school then they aren’t learning.

ATTAINMENT: All children should have equal opportunity to achieve at school to the best of their ability.

ATTITUDE/BEHAVIOUR: Problems with attitude and wellbeing have the greatest impact on attendance and attainment.

At the heart of our project we want school data to be about MORE THAN JUST ACCOUNTABILITY.


Interviews with School Leaders

Introducing the Open Data Project

Act on Data

Collaborate to Improve

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To join the Open Data Project for Schools or discuss membership further, register your interest here and our team will contact you.

  • Effective implementation of school improvement plans

  • Incremental improvements help to achieve goals and be more proactive

  • Simple dashboard makes it easy to analyse impact and outcomes

  • See quickly and simply which pupils can improve

  • Track intervention and plan action

  • Unify process across schools to help in the most efficient way

  • Streamline recording and analysis to reduce administration workload

  • Automated sync with existing data held in school MIS, secure & GDPR compliant.

Simple, secure, cost-effective

Getting started is easy. Schools pay an annual membership fee based on the number of pupils on roll.

The project uses existing data you already collect, synced securely with your MIS so you can start your membership any time in the school year.

We have simple guides to help you get started and a support team on call to help.

Download our membership factsheet.

As part of the Open Data Project for Schools, you will join school leaders around the country who want to work together, generate and test ideas, and use data for insight and evidence into what works to improve opportunities for their pupils.

This has all been possible because school leaders like you govern the project alongside the understanding and support of ASCL and the technical expertise of askEddi.

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