Primaries linking with secondaries

Don’t forget to link with secondary schools to allow them to access your pupil data

We are ready for primary schools to electronically sign data sharing (or participation) agreements with each of the secondary schools that they are working with. These agreements are now available for you to complete in the linked schools tab. Watch how to do this here.

  • To share your Professional Judgements with secondary schools you must link with each secondary school individually. You can set up this link in SixIntoSeven by electronically signing an individual participation agreement with each school to allow your data to be shared with that school only.
  • You can see a list of secondary schools that have requested to link with you in the Linked Schools section of SixIntoSeven under the Requests
  • Selecting Accept will load a Participating Agreement which you should read carefully before accepting.
  • Once you have accepted the agreement with the secondary school the status will change to Accepted and that school will be able to see your Professional Judgements.

This vital step ensures that the destination secondary schools will be able to confidentially see your published Professional Judgements and start planning for the new academic year.  There is a separate agreement to sign for each school who will be confidentially receiving your data.

 See our Key Documents here

The SixIntoSeven team are here to help you link with as many of your destination secondary schools as possible to ensure your whole Year 6 cohort are supported. This week we will be sending out reminders to all schools who have not yet completed their registration, and if you are able to continue the conversation yourselves, we have a range of resources available to reach, watch and download.