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What is SixIntoSeven? SixIntoSeven is a simple tool for primary and secondary schools which supports the transition of pupils from Year 6 to Year 7 on a professional judgement dashboard which will be shared between schools.

What does it do? SixIntoSeven fills the gaps left by school closures and disruption to normal procedures around transition such as SATs results and assessments. Primary school teachers input professional judgements on each pupil to show their progress in key curriculum areas. Secondary school teachers use this information to understand which pupils have completed the KS2 curriculum and make decisions around classes and teaching.

Who is it for? All UK primary and secondary schools. The Secondary schools sign up and manage the process, the primary schools make the professional judgements and input the data. SixIntoSeven ensures that secondary schools can make decisions quickly and easily around which pupils need additional support and which elements are missing. Primary schools can also be confident that their knowledge and understanding of their Year 6 cohort is captured and communicated.

When will I need it? Summer term 2020. The dashboard will launch at the start of June but schools can register their interest now. Nominated feeder primary schools will input and publish their data in June for secondary schools to use the information in July and August to plan for September. This avoids missed learning at the beginning of the autumn term if the secondary schools did not have the data to plan with.

How does it work? Primary schools use simple data input to record their Year 6 pupil information and professional judgements. The system matches pupil information with their expected intake and secondary schools can use the data to make both strategic and class level decisions about form groups, sets, Year 7 curriculum planning and additional support needed.

Why do we need it? School closures in spring 2020 due to Covid-19 have meant that the Year 6 cohort who would normally be sitting SATs exams, meeting with their new classmates and getting tours of their secondary schools are currently at home missing out on key development opportunities. As part of the Open Data Project, schools can sign up for access to a simple online dashboard which will facilitate a new way of ensuring pupil information can be passed from primary schools to secondary schools in the absence of usual measures like SATs and formal assessments. Pupils do not have to be in school for this process to happen as primary teachers can make their judgements based on existing knowledge.

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