Find out about The Open Data Project for Schools

A collaboration between the Association of School and College Leaders (ASCL) and askEddi, the Open Data Project for Schools is a secure platform for schools to share and compare the data they already collect for the benefit of pupils.

School Leaders can join us as members and use askEddi products in their school alongside ASCL expertise to explore previously unknown links and patterns in their existing data. Data from school management systems is used in a secure, GDPR compliant way to improve outcomes for pupils.

In collaboration, we are harnessing the power of Education Technology (EdTech) to help schools use their data better to serve the needs of each individual child.

Through our work with schools we want to foster school and community collaboration, promote children’s wellbeing and support powerful learning.

There are three core pillars that our project aims to address:


If a child isn’t present then they aren’t learning.


All children should have equal opportunity to achieve at school to the best of their ability.


Problems with attitude and wellbeing have the greatest impact on attendance and attainment.

At the heart of our project we want school data to be about more than just accountability.

2021 Projects

Transition track:

We are engaging with schools in a wider discussion about Year 6 to Year 7 transition and the suitability of SATs as a measure of KS2 progress. With SixIntoSeven as a core module of Open Data Project Membership, we are working with our members through to March 2021 to refine and develop our platform and capture best practice for both the attainment and pastoral sides of pupil transition.

Attendance Track:

Reliable attendance tracking is more important than ever to help safeguard pupils and record the spread of Covid-19. Open Data Project members can use the Attendance Matters tool with their existing data to work smarter on their attendance measures.

About ASCL

The Association of School and College Leaders (ASCL) is the leading professional association and trade union for all school and college leaders. We are proud to support and represent over 20,000 school and college leaders of primary, secondary and post-16 education from across the UK.

Our members are responsible for the education of more than four million young people and children. We work to shape national education policy, provides advice and support to our members and deliver first-class professional development.

About askEddi

askEddi is a whole school improvement platform for school leaders, teachers, data managers and attendance managers.  We help schools to use their existing data to improve performance, create impact and let children learn.

With over 25 years of combined insight into the way data and technology are used in education, we are educators, data analysts and software developers on a mission to change the way data is accessed and interpreted in schools.

Eddi stands for Education Data Intelligence and our goal is to become integrated into day to day life in schools as the go-to school improvement platform – ensuring data points, trends and predictions can be accurately interpreted to allow targeted interventions.

Our team have a passion for improving learning outcomes for pupils in schools from all backgrounds.

Join the Open Data Project for Schools

Based in Liverpool, UK, the project is managed in collaboration between askEddi and ASCL, working with schools across the country.

You can become part of the Open Data Project for Schools by signing up for more information or contacting us at hello@opendataproject.org.uk

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Register your interest in joining the Open Data Project for Schools using your official school email address. Our team will be in touch in the next 24 hours. Please check your junk folder if you do not receive an email.

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